Monday, June 7, 2021

Bring these grains from a grocer for only Rs. 5

Bring these grains from a grocer for only Rs. 5. It is my responsibility to get rid of sugar cane. Look at the method. You must have heard about Klonji.  Klonji is used in medicine as well as in food and pickles.  Klonji even adds flavor to food.  It also cures hundreds of diseases.  Blessed is the instruction of the Holy Prophet (sws) to use Klonji. It cures every disease except death.  As much research has been done to date on the benefits of clonage, not all of its benefits have been identified.  Whether it is wisdom or medicine, the use of herbs is considered very useful even in modern times.  Today we are going to tell you a recipe for reducing Klonji which is so useful that your sugar will be controlled.  Allah Almighty is the Healer of all. Know a few things There are some people who do not know whether they have diabetes or not.  These four to five symptoms are very important for them.  What happens to a diabetic patient that he starts to feel more thirsty than usual? He gets thirsty again and again and he uses water, then the diabetic patient starts to grow in his body.  Some people's bodies increase and some decrease. Weakness and hunger are felt again and again.  Weakness This feeling is created, you start feeling restless, you start feeling dizzy, you are tired all the time.  Fatigue is considered to be a very important symptom in a diabetic. The biggest symptom is that whenever a diabetic suffers a wound, it takes a long time to heal.  Bladder complaints also occur. There were some important symptoms that you need to know.  How do you control sugar? First take seven grains of clonji in the palm of your hand, then you should recite Surah Al-Fatihah first and last three times on these grains, then 70 times.  Give  With the blessings of the Holy Qur'an, by the grace of God Almighty, his sugar will be controlled.  The problem of diabetes will be controlled.  People who are worried that our blood is out of control and they have been suffering from this disease all their lives, do this. Inshallah, you will see a difference within a week.  Because the Qur'an is a cure for us.

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