Friday, June 4, 2021

In two minutes, the dirt on the teeth, clean toothache and feeling hot and cold is also fine

Here is a great tip for brushing your teeth. People who have very yellow teeth have turned black by eating ice cream or sweets or their teeth are getting damaged due to sugar.  If there is any problem due to which there is a strange type of plaque in their teeth, then the solution of these problems is being listed in this article, so it is a paste. You have to apply it in the morning with the help of a brush.  The way to make this paste is that first you have to take an inch piece of ginger and peel it and you have to grate it. Now put it aside.  You can also make a paste by adding it. Now take a bowl and squeeze half a lemon in it. First add ginger paste in it. Add this paste equal to about a teaspoon.
 Put two pinches of salt on top of it and add the equivalent of one tablespoon of the toothpaste you use every day. Now mix all these ingredients. After mixing, it is in the form of a paste.  It will be ready. You have to brush with it in the morning. Insha'Allah, all your dental problems will be removed. In the first use, you will see the difference.  Inshallah, it will be on the side because the salt that is added in it and the most valuable thing is ginger paste will save you from any kind of dental disease. The custom of eating out has become common.  Looks curious about food. Food streets have been set up everywhere. In which a variety of food is available. Going out to eat every weekend has become the most popular pastime.
 Mouth watering when you see food outside, but most people are unaware of how it is prepared. When we prepare our own food, we make sure that everything used in it is clean.  It should be clean and pure. It should not contain any harmful health items. When we eat this thing outside, it looks good but there is no guarantee that it will be clean. This food prepared in Food Street and restaurants.  They are very harmful to health. They cause harm to the human body. The harms caused by these foods are listed below. Contaminated salt contained in unhealthy foods can cause blood pressure problems.  The substandard oil used for its preparation is harmful to the heart and veins. People usually suffer from food poisoning due to eating substandard and stale food. May Allah be our supporter and helper. Amen.

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