Saturday, June 5, 2021

Matrizili or Snake Umbrella

umbrella,or snake umbrella ,The botanical name is Trielum Gonianum.Magic is one of the herbal plants that has a lot of medicinal value and is also known as Himalayan trillium or snake umbrella, tan patra, tree flower or birth root which belongs to the family triliaceae.Herbal remedies have been used since ancient times to cure various diseases.These herbal plants were used to prevent and protect against various diseases.Trillium guanyinum It has flowers and is found masculine in the Himalayas.Mainly in China,Nepal ٫Botany.Trillium is mainly composed of the steroid saponin The activity of trilium is due to the presence of various important phytoconstrictors and metabolites This plant is very useful in curing many diseases but is mainly used in the treatment of cancer.Therefore,it is also called an antiseptic herb Because triamcinolone is an endangered species, it should be protected.Because it is a very important herb in the treatment of various diseases.It can be treated with this magical herb.T-guanium is the most important herb in the pharmaceutical system because of the high cost of treatment at this plant.

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