Friday, June 4, 2021

Honestly,I was not surprised to learn of Malala

Honestly,I was not surprised to learn of Malala's rare views because I know that liberals generally do not mind the various restrictions imposed on life, the problem is only with the restrictions imposed by religion.To violate the principle that is set on universal revelation They will never demand freedom from the rest of the worldly principles, but will impose it on everyone.Give two examples.Have you ever heard from a liberal lawyer that wearing a black coat in summer is ignorance? The judge has to pronounce the verdict by looking at the arguments, witnesses, evidence etc. or by looking at the coat.  Then the black color absorbs the heat, so what kind of stupid clothes do lawyers wear during the day in the summer of Karachi.  You will never hear all this, the reason is that the Bhai Angash law, which is in force, is based on the premise that there should be a black coat, so if you want to advocate,you have to submit to this principle.Wimbledon Open, the world's leading tennis competition The condition is that the color of the athlete's clothing should be white The player cannot enter the field wearing any other color.  Why? Reason? The player has to play a match with his strokes!  She dressed in any color He is so liberal The game doesn't have religion anyway But no liberal, blonde or brown, will ever appear to challenge this principle.I put the third stitch because I also saw the small children of SPS Sadiq Public School in my city Bahawalpur in the early morning in severe winter and severe fog shivering from the cold at the bus stop with bare feet wearing coat and beads below  I have seen and thought in my heart how we are abiding by the English rule and the parents of these children who belong to the elite class do not have the courage to complain to the school administration that Mian Why are our children enemies? And if there was a mosque instead of a school, you can imagine their reaction Yes when it comes to the principle of religion,this liberal class suddenly needs all kinds of freedom From the rest of the rituals to the rules of the game, everywhere they bow their heads There does not hurt their freedom.  Nor does it make sense that any institution or person is imposing its will on us Now, where they cannot openly oppose religion, they adopt the attitude that they cool the hearts by abusing the Maulvis.  As soon as they step into a society where there is freedom to talk nonsense about religion, they immediately throw off their skins and their true colors come to the fore.Malala has introduced the latest item of the same strategy.By Pen-Strange Sen Brother!

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