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The winner of Gwadar is an unnamed hero and benefactor of Pakistan whom hardly any of the 200 million crowd knows.Who knows today that a great woman with an everlasting love and self-sacrifice for Pakistan fought a legal battle with her rival four world powers and annexed the most important coastal state of Pakistan like Gwadar covering an area of ​​more than 1.5 million acres.The combination of the two Balochi words Gowat meaning open air and Dar meaning door,commonly known as Gwadar, was under the unjust occupation of global colonialism until 1956, the story of which is a rare example of benevolence, forgetfulness and decency.Gwadar State was owned by Mir Naseer Noori Baloch, the 18th century Khan of Kalat, but it was proving difficult for Khan to maintain his control over the area.The reason for this was the revolts of the Gachki tribes because in the past they too had ruled the area and wanted to get it back.Khan resolved to hand over control of the area to the Gachki people under an agreement to maintain peace in the area.  Under the agreement, it was decided that the area would remain under the Khan of Kalat's jagir and half of its revenue would also be given to Khan Sahib, but its management would remain in the hands of the Gachki tribes.This treaty lasted until 1783 In1783, the ruler of Oman was defeated and exiled after defeating his brother,so he sought refuge with the Khan of Kalat.Accepting his request,the enclave, spread over 2,400 square miles,was handed over to the Sultan of Oman under a new agreement.Under this new agreement it was decided that Gwadar would remain under the Khan of Kalat as per the constitution and its control would also remain with the former Gachki chiefs but the half of the revenue which goes to Khan Sahib  It will now be given as a goodwill gesture to the Sultan of Oman so that he can pass his time easily, but when the Sultan no longer needs this refuge, all his rights will go back to the former Khan of Kalat.About fifteen years later, after the re-conquest of Oman,the Sultan returned to his throne,but as usual he kept Gwadar in his hands.Khan Sahib may have died during this period or Marwat did not ask for possession.However, almost ten years later, when the Sultan also died,Khan Sahib's heirs demanded the extradition of Gwadar.On the refusal of the government of Oman, they seized it by force, which was rescued by the Sultan's army.  As the controversy escalated over the next twenty years, the British Colonial Administration intervened to settle the case under the pretext of mediation, but instead of doing justice, the Kalat dynasty claimed some privileges from the then Sultan of Oman.  He denied that some other evidence was coming before him according to which this area has been the domain of the Sultanate of Oman for a long time. However, the final decision was not made in favor of anyone. In return for this service, the British political agent agreed with the Sultanate of Oman that Gwadar would remain under British control until a final decision was made and that, as before, Oman would be paid half of Gwadar's revenue and send its forces into Gwadar.The British occupied the area for a hundred years.After the formation of Pakistan, when the then Khan of Kalat annexed his estate to Pakistan, Pakistan raised the issue of Gwadar with the stakeholders but no hearing was held.In the same days,a US survey company said that the port of Gwadar is ideal for anchoring large ships.In addition, millions of tons of exportable seafood can be obtained annually from this port which contains 35 species of fish.When the rumor spread to Iran,they decided to merge it with Chah-e-Bihar.In those days, the Shah of Iran was a parrot of Iran and he wanted to include Gwadar in Iran and expand it by connecting it with the port of Chah-e-Bihar.His wish was backed by the US CIA When Malik Feroze Khan Noon took over the Foreign Ministry in1956,he vowed to relinquish Gwadar at all costs and handed over the mission to her after a careful review of all historical facts and documents.In these critical circumstances, this sincere woman emerged as a champion and started lobbying for Pakistan in the UK.He did his homework and took the case to the United Kingdom so that the Gwadar could be recaptured with the approval of the House of Lords.Because the Kalat family's estate was now owned by Pakistan Therefore, Pakistan's right to inherit this part of their estate should now be recognized, and that Pakistan has abolished all the estates that were distributed by the British government on the basis of revenue sharing or compensation, and that if we If we cancel the Gwadar estate and get rid of the military coup, then Britain, being a member of the Commonwealth,cannot even attack us.She won the two-year war with pen arguments, rather than a sword, and negotiations in which British Prime Minister Macmillan, a friend of Malik Sahib,played a key role.Sultan Saeed bin Timur of Oman was supportive but hinted at a bargain.When Malik Sahib became the Prime Minister,he used the slogan"Not now or never"in the case of Gwadar.  After six months of nerve-wracking negotiations, Oman agreed to hand over control of Gwadar to Pakistan for 3 million.The bulk of this amount was donated by Prince Karim Aga Khan and the rest was paid by the Government of Pakistan. In some places it is said that the entire amount was paid by His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan. In this regard, Malik Sahib writes in his autobiography "Chashm Deed" that "where there is a problem of security and dignity of the country, the price is not seen. Anyway, this amount should be recovered from Gwadar's income in just a few years."  Today, when Ikramullah, the High Commissioner of Pakistan to the United Kingdom, handed over to me the signed document for the transfer of Gwadar, you cannot imagine the joy I felt at that time because Gwadar was in the hands of a foreigner.It was as if we were living in a house with a back room occupied by a stranger.And this stranger can sell it to an enemy of Pakistan at any time and that enemy can also pay the biggest amount for this deal.Thus,after two years of full-scale war, on September 8,1958, 2,400 square miles or more than 1.5 million acres of Gwadar became part of Pakistan.In 2002, General Musharraf planned to build the Gwadar Port, which has gone through various stages and has now taken the form of C-Pak and undoubtedly augurs well for Pakistan.Today everyone wants to take credit for Gwadar Port and C-Pak but no one knows the name of this great benefactor of Pakistan who fought a fierce battle with four powerful stakeholders of the world, British Parliament, CIAIran and Oman.Lost Gwadar put back in the swing of Pakistan.Look at another high-pitched joke that in a country where even with a tap, its drum is beaten in front of the whole nation There, these dignitaries did not celebrate their unparalleled success nationwide just so as not to injure the self-esteem of the Sultan of Oman. That is why the nation today knows this genius working couple and is not aware of their great achievement.The benefactor of the country and nation that conquered Gwadar is Mohtarma Waqarul Nisa Noon, who is the second wife of the seventh Prime Minister of PakistanMalik Feroz Khan Noon.  Not acknowledging their great effort is a kind of forgetfulness and not introducing them to the nation is nothing but indifference.
 Her former name was Victoria Rekhi.She was born in Austria and raised in the United Kingdom.Malik Feroz Khan Noon met him when he was the High Commissioner to the Government of India in the United Kingdom At the invitation of Malik Sahib, he converted to Islam and married her in Bombay and changed her name from Victoria to Waqarul Nisa Noon.He is also affectionately known as Wiki Noon. She organized several women's groups to highlight the Tehreek-e-Pakistan and was arrested three times in the civil disobedience movement for organizing protests and processions against the British Khidr Hayat cabinet.After the formation of Pakistan, he played a very active role in the care of the stranded refugees You are also one of the founding members of APWA,the first women's welfare organization.He also founded Waqarul Nisa Girls College Rawalpindi and Waqarul Nisa School Dhaka.Perform valuable services for the Red Crescent
 As Minister of Tourism under Zia-ul-Haq, he attracted the whole world to Pakistan for the promotion of tourism.The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation is one of them.His passion  for Pakistan did not grow cold even in old age.When her childless sister's estate in the UK was transferred to her, she set up the"Wiki Noon Education Foundation"with this fund,which is still a beacon of social service.According to her will,a portion of the fund is spent on educating poor but gifted students from institutions such as Oxford who are willing to return and serve the country Ms.Waqarul Nisa Noon passed away on January 16,2000 after a long illness.She did not have any children of her own.Her real children are Pakistanis who are following in her footsteps in patriotism.she was awarded the government's highest civilian honor in 1959 for her conquest of Gwadar But their real reward is the respect we as a nation can give them.According to Our Beacons and a New Age article, there is no Prime Minister, President, General, Minister, Adviser, Ambassador other than Ms. Waqarul Nisa Noon who can take this great credit for conquering Gwadar.Former Federal Secretary for Information Rashid Chaudhry says she was a "kind mother" who loved us more than a real mother.  They brought us to Gwadar.Gwadar which is the center of attention all over the world today.Ms:Waqarul Nisa Noon    Hello dear mother. Let the sky bring dew on your lap

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